Borrower Information

New loans - if you are looking for student or parent loans, click here to visit, North Carolina's comprehensive source. You can also find out about scholarships and grants at the same site. Be sure to investigate all options before borrowing.

Current Borrowers from College Foundation Inc. - if you already have a loan through College Foundation or just want to download forms for deferments, click here to visit CFNC.

Current Borrowers from NCSEAA - Service Cancellation, Practice Approval, Deferment and other forms, click here.

For questions regarding loans in the Federal Family Education Loan Program, the North Carolina Extra Loan Program or the Carolina Computing Initiative (CCI), you may speak with a repayment counselor in our Default Recovery Department, click here for telephone hours.

Tips for Preventing Default on College Loans

Defaulted Borrowers - if you have a student or parent loan that is in default, click here to find out what options you have for repaying your loan and restoring your credit rating.