Millennium Teacher Scholarship Loan Program (MTSLP)

This program was adopted and funded by the 2004 North Carolina General Assembly to provide need-based financial aid to high school seniors interested in preparing to teach in the State's public schools and enroll in Historically Black Colleges and Universities that do not have the NC Teaching Fellows Scholarship Program.

Eligibility: Applicants Must:
  • Be North Carolina residents currently enrolled as high school seniors
  • Have financial needs as determined by the "Free Application for Federal Student Aid" (FAFSA) process
  • Meet the academic merit requirements of a minimum SAT score of 900 and a minimum 2.5 weighted grade point average
  • Be accepted for admission to one of the following postsecondary institutions in North Carolina: Fayetteville State University or Winston-Salem State University
  • Not be in default, or not owe a refund, under any federal or state loan or grant program
Value: Subject to continuing legislative appropriations, up to 60 MTSLP recipients are selected annually from North Carolina high schools. The maximum award is $6,500 per year and is renewable for a total of four years of college.

Application Procedure: Applicants must apply through the financial aid office at one of the respective institutions. Applicants must sign a promissory note.

Teaching Obligation: Scholarship recipients are required to teach in a North Carolina public school for one year for each year of scholarship assistance received. Recipients have seven years from the date of graduation to cancel through service or ten years to repay the loan through cash payment at 10% interest.