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Education Savings Account Summary of Data

Concentric circle graph representing the number of new students who applied for (1,766), were eligible for (1,266), were awarded (944), accepted (729) and enrolled in a participating school for (697) the Education Savings Account as of 06/30/2022

2021-22 School Year as of 06/30/2022

New Student Applicants*

New Applicants by Nonpublic School

New Applicants by Ethnicity and Race

New Applicants by County

*The Infographic above represents new student data. 

Renewal Students

Total 2020-21 Recipients: 332

Renewals for 2021-22: 302

Renewals Enrolled for 2021-22: 292

Total Students

2021-22 Recipients (New + Renewal): 989

Amount of Scholarships for 2021-22: $5,711,625

Participating Nonpublic Schools with recipients enrolled: 143

Total Recipients by Nonpublic School

Total Recipients by Ethnicity and Race

Total Recipients by County



Totals by Year

2020-21 School Year

Total  20-21 Recipients: 332
Amount of Scholarships: $2,936,250

2019-20 School Year

Total  19-20 Recipients: 304
Amount of Scholarships: $2,650,500

2018-19 School Year

Total 18-19 Recipients: 277
Amount of Scholarships: $2,422,697