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Education Student Accounts (ESA+) Summary of Data

Concentric circle graph representing the number of new students who applied for (4,227), were eligible for (1,724), were awarded (1,713), accepted (1,258) and enrolled in a participating school (591) for the Education Student Accounts as of 09/02/2022

2022-23 School Year as of 09/02/2022

New Student Applicants*

New Applicants by Nonpublic School

New Applicants by Ethnicity and Race

New Applicants by County

*The Infographic above represents new student data. 

Renewal Students

Total 2021-22 Recipients:  2,511                                                                                  

  • Renewals from the DG program:  1,525
  • Renewals from the ESA program:   473
  • Renewing from both programs:       513

Renewals Enrolled for 2022-23: 1,433

Total Students

2022-23 Recipients (New + Renewal):  2,024

Direct Payment School Scholarships for 2022-23:  $6,639,355

Wallet Deposits for 2022-23:  $4,773,931

Total Scholarship Payments for 2022-23:  $11,413,286

Participating Nonpublic Schools with recipients enrolled: 183

Total Recipients by Nonpublic School

Total Recipients by Ethnicity and Race

Total Recipients by County

Total Recipients Disbursement by NPS



Previous Scholarship and Grant Programs

2016-2022 Disabilities Grants

2018-2022 Education Savings Account (ESA)