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Educational Therapy – Test

Providers of educational therapy, such as speech therapy and occupational therapy, must be registered and approved by SEAA to participate in the ESA+ program (Direct Payment schools that offer therapy do not need to register separately as providers).  

What Educational Therapy Services Are Allowed? 

Educational therapy must be adaptive/therapeutic in nature or designed for students with special needs. Examples include: applied behavior analysis therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy. 

Music therapy, art therapy, therapeutic horseback riding lessons/equine therapy: allowable if they are adaptive/therapeutic in nature and administered by someone with a professional credential for their field.  

ESA+ funds can pay for services provided by approved therapists but not necessarily products recommended by the therapist. See the lists of Educational Technology and Curricula to find out if a product is approved.  


How Do I Find Approved Educational Therapists? 

SEAA Provider Search Site: enter the search term “therapy” to see a statewide list of authorized therapists. Providers who wish to register should visit the Register a Provider page. 


A screenshot of the NCSEAA Provider Search Site login page


How Many Times May a Student See an Educational Therapist? 

Unlike medical insurance providers, the ESA+ program does not limit the number of educational therapy visits or require a diagnosis to visit a provider. ESA+ funds can also be used for medical co-pays or to cover a service once medical insurance has been exhausted.