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ESA+ Current Scholarship Families

Forms and Resources

Approved Providers

The Education Student Accounts (ESA+) program has reviewed the credentials of the following providers solely for the purposes of determining whether the practitioner holds a license that meets the requirements of the ESA+ program.

Misuse of Funds Policy

North Carolina Personal Education Savings Account Program Misuse of State Funds Policy 

Provider Registration

If the providers you use are not already registered with SEAA, there is a process they will need to complete to become an approved provider. This process is not for schools, but for providers of tutoring or teaching services and educational therapies. This process is not for registering products.

Qualified Expenses




Renew Eligibility (required for current scholarship families)

Your student’s eligibility must be documented every three years for them to remain in the ESA+ program.

School Choice Deadlines

A list of deadlines to ensure timely payment to schools and to avoid award cancellation.

School Transfers

A student’s award can be transferred to another school up to two times per semester. The amount that can be sent to the new school depends on the number of weeks the student attended the previous school. Follow these directions to transfer your student to a different school.


Learn how participation in the ESA+ program may affect your taxes .

Technology Purchases