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Income Verification

This information is for families who have received a request for income verification.

The law that governs the Opportunity Scholarship program requires SEAA to select and verify a percentage of applications each year for income verification. All applications are subject to income verification. If you are selected for income verification, we have resources to help you complete the process.


We recommend you use the Income Verification Worksheet Guide and Income Calculator to help you. You can also refer to the Frequently Asked Questions and video below.


Income verification is a two-step process. You will complete income verification and upload all documents in MyPortal.

Step 1:

You will receive a task on your To-Do list in MyPortal to complete the Income Verification Worksheet. Submit the Income Verification Worksheet in MyPortal by the deadline provided in your notification.

Step 2:

Once you submit the worksheet, we will request additional documents from you. Submit these documents in MyPortal (do not email).


For the Fastest Process:

  •  If your required Income Documentation is your 2023 Tax Return Transcript, Go to to request your Tax Return.
  • Do not email or fax documents to the Opportunity Scholarship program.
  • Use the resources listed above to help you complete the Income Verification Worksheet.
  • Submit documents as one PDF or Word file per person (MyPortal cannot accept image files).



  • Complete the Income Verification Worksheet as soon as possible. Remember to respond accurately.
  • Don’t wait! Go to and select “Get Transcript Online” for Income Verification purposes and choose “Return Transcript” for 2023.  The IRS website has resources if you need help with this process.
  • We review documents in the order that they are received. After your documents are reviewed, we will email you if information is missing.
  • Deadlines are important, so check your email daily and respond quickly. Copies of the emails we’ve sent are also visible in the “Notifications” section in MyPortal
  • Check your To Do List in MyPortal weekly for new steps.


Video: How to Complete Income Verification


Frequently Asked Questions

First, you will want to submit your Income Verification Worksheet before your deadline.  If your Opportunity Scholarship Income Documents deadline is quickly approaching and the IRS has not finished processing your 2023 Tax Returns, then you will want to email us at to request a deadline extension.

Log in to MyPortal and find your ToDo List. There will be a task called “Income Verification Worksheet” for you to complete.

The process can be completed in about 6 weeks if all forms are submitted by the provided deadlines.

Yes. Please log in to MyPortal to accept the award offer and confirm/update the school choice for each student.

Once you have submitted the Income Verification Worksheet and received a request for documents, most people will submit the Tax Return Transcript from their most recent tax return. You must submit a Tax Return Transcript for every household member who filed a tax return. Go to to request your Tax Return Transcript.

Visit and select “Get Transcript Online.” You will see a dropdown menu asking why you’re seeking a transcript. Choose “Income Verification”. Click on your “Return Transcript” for 2023. An “N/A” message could mean your taxes are still being processed. Continue checking daily for the link. If it is not available by the deadline to submit documents to SEAA, email the program at to request an extension.

We do not accept paper tax return forms and/or W2s, but instead, request submission of a Tax Return Transcript from the IRS. If your required Income Documentation is your 2023 Tax Return Transcript, Go to to request your Tax Return Transcript. If you are experiencing difficulty in accessing and submitting your 2023 Tax Transcript as required, please email the program at before your deadline to submit the document in MyPortal.

No. Submit documents one time to your To Do List in MyPortal. The information will be applied to all students listed on your account.

After you complete the Income Verification Worksheet, you will receive either a Non-Filer form or a Basic Necessities form on your To Do List in MyPortal, depending on your family’s needs. These forms are for households that either had no income or had income but were not required to file taxes

  1. Complete the Income Verification Worksheet and select “Yes” for “Did this person file a 2023 tax return?”.
  2. Email and tell us that you filed for an extension. We will then add a task to your student’s To Do list to submit a copy of your “Application for Automatic Extension of Time To File U.S Individual Income Tax Return” (Form 4868). This form is due by October 1 and will extend your deadline to December 1. Funds cannot be released until the Income Verification process is complete.
  3. If we do not receive your Tax Return Transcript by December 1, the award offer will be cancelled

If you made an error on an electronic form or uploaded an incorrect document, email Please be as specific as possible about the error that occurred. All requests for changes must be made in writing.

Action items on your To Do List in MyPortal are checked off after you submit documents.

If you have a specific question about your situation, email