North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship and ESA+ Priority Applications Close March 1, 2024

Submit your Opportunity or ESA+ Scholarship application(s) by March 1! Incomplete applications will not be included in the scholarship lottery.   For further assistance visit MyPortal Frequently Asked Questions or call: 855-330-3955, M-Th (8am-6pm), F (8am-5pm). *Extended hours Thursday, 2/29 until 7:00 p.m. and Friday, 3/1 until 6:00 p.m.
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How to Update Your School’s Information with SEAA

Has your school’s information changed recently? It’s important to notify SEAA so your school will continue to receive timely communications and payments. See below for answers to commonly asked questions about updating information:

Order a national criminal background check through CastleBranch

  • The statute that governs K12 funding programs requires Direct Payment Schools to conduct a criminal background check for the staff member with the highest level of decision-making authority (HDMA).
  • Background checks must be completed through CastleBranch. A background check completed by any other means will not be accepted. CastleBranch will deliver the results of the background check to SEAA automatically.

Complete a MyPortal Credential Request Form (HDMA version)

Schools may only have two user accounts in MyPortal, one of which must include your school’s HDMA.

Update Contact Information in MyPortal

  • Update your new HDMA’s contact information in MyPortal so they will receive communication from SEAA. This is located in the “School Information” section of your MyPortal account.

Please note that updating the contact information alone does not update your HDMA with SEAA. The background check and MyPortal credential request must be completed as well.

The HDMA is the Highest Decision-Making Authority at the school as defined by the school bylaws, articles of incorporation, or other governing document of the school.


  • The school should be prepared to provide documentation (upon request) to explain the choice of HDMA to SEAA.
  • The HDMA may not necessarily be the school official managing K12 Program processes on a daily basis.
  • Schools must notify SEAA within 5 business days of a change in HDMA, whether a new HDMA has been appointed or there is an interim HDMA.

Submit the MyPortal Credential Request Form

  • Submit a copy of the MyPortal Credential Request Form (secondary administrative user version) signed by your HDMA (If your school already has a secondary administrative user on file in MyPortal, this account will be deactivated to create credentials for your new staff member).
  • Email the completed document to
  • Update the new staff member’s contact information in the School Information section of MyPortal so they will receive communication from SEAA.

Notify SEAA

  • Email to notify SEAA of any changes in your banking or tax ID information.

Upload documents in MyPortal

  • Once you have notified SEAA about changes to your banking or tax ID information, we will add options to upload the following documents to your MyPortal Taskpad (see the Registration Checklist for descriptions and blank copies of each document):
    • W-9 Form
    • Vendor Master Form
    • Voided Check or Bank Memo
    • Miscellaneous Document (only applies to schools that receive a new Tax ID or EIN number)*

*Notify SEAA if your school receives a new tax ID or EIN number. In addition to the three documents listed above, you will also need to upload the letter the school received from the IRS that confirms the new EIN number.

Complete forms carefully and accurately because errors will result in delays in updating your school’s banking information. Program staff will contact you by phone to collect a verbal confirmation once correct documentation has been received.

Update Contact Information in MyPortal

  • Once a change in banking information is requested, your school will be paid by check until completed documentation is received.
  • To ensure timely payment, it’s important to confirm that your school’s address is correct in the School Information section of MyPortal. Program staff will contact you by phone to collect a verbal confirmation once correct documentation has been received.

Update your school’s name with the Division of Nonpublic Education (DNPE)

  • SEAA will be unable to update your MyPortal record until this step has been completed and verified.

Notify SEAA

  • Once your school has updated the name change with DNPE, email to notify SEAA.

Update in MyPortal

  • Go to the School Information section of your MyPortal account.  From there, open the K12 School Information section to update your school’s address.


Can't Find What You Need?

Email if you have questions concerning your record with SEAA.