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Student Withdrawals

Sometimes students transfer schools or move away. Schools are responsible for reporting withdrawals and returning scholarship funds in a timely manner. Attend this training to understand your required steps if scholarship students withdraw from your school during the school year.

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K12 Scholarships: Updated Nonpublic School Agreement

Provides an overview of the key changes and clarifications in the updated nonpublic school agreement.

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Pending Awards

Explains the difference between pending awards and certification, as well as action items for parents and schools.

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New School Onboarding

An introduction to MyPortal, document collection, and the disbursement process.

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Parent Requirements

This tutorial will help school officials understand the action steps parents are required to take as they move through the school year.

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Best Practices

An overview of program timelines, responsibilities of K12 program stakeholders, best practices, and compliance.

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ESA+ Scholarship Program

Information about ESA+ and its requirements of parents. You’ll learn more about the various ways students benefit from an ESA+ Scholarship.

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Payment Process

Certification and Endorsement are two important steps schools take before any money is disbursed on behalf of students. How do you report your tuition? What fees can a K12 Scholarship cover? What happens if you make a mistake? What is the timeline? Come to this webinar training for answers.

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Financial Review

Schools that met the program threshold for the Financial Review in 2022-23, who have not successfully submitted a financial review before, as well as schools that might reach that threshold in the upcoming school year are required to attend this training. All large schools are welcome to attend. One of SEAA’s financial services staff will explain the financial review requirement as well as offer specific suggestions to assist schools.

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