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School Choice Options for ESA+

Parents have three school choice options to use ESA+ funding:

  1. Direct Payment Schools
  2. ESA+ Reimbursement Schools
  3. Home Schools


Direct Payment Schools

Schools that receive a direct payment on behalf of Opportunity Scholarship or ESA+ recipients.


ESA+ Reimbursement Schools

Schools that choose not to receive funds directly from the K12 Programs. Families who enroll their students in these schools pay tuition and fees out of pocket and are reimbursed by ESA+.

  • Your nonpublic school of choice must be registered with the North Carolina Division of Nonpublic Schools (DNPE) to use this option. To find out whether your school is registered with DNPE, visit DNPE’s website or consult the school.
  • ESA+ funds may be used to cover the costs required for a student to enroll in a public school other than the public school where the student is assigned to attend. Consult your school district regarding policies for attending an out-of-district school.
  • A student enrolled in an ESA+ Reimbursement School cannot use Opportunity Scholarship funds at that school. Only Direct Payment Schools are eligible to receive funds from an Opportunity Scholarship.


Home Schools

Parents of students in a home school spend their ESA+ funds for Allowable Expenses other than tuition. Parents must register their home school with the Division of Non-Public Education. For more information, see the School Choice page.


  • A student enrolled in a home school cannot benefit from Opportunity Scholarship funds. A student can only use an Opportunity Scholarship at a Direct Payment School.