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Student Withdrawals

K12 Program Withdrawal Form


The K12 Programs at NCSEAA disburse funds to schools on the assumption that the student will attend the school for the entire semester for which the funds are awarded. When a student withdraws from school, the school has two important responsibilities:

1. Notify the K12 Programs within 10 school days.
2. Refund K12 Program funds according to this policy.

This withdrawal policy applies to all K12 Program students regardless of withdrawal or refund policies at the nonpublic school.

To calculate the withdrawal date, identify the last day when the student attended classes or submitted work to the teacher at the nonpublic school.

To calculate the weeks attended, count the number of weeks in the semester when the student attended or submitted classwork on any weekday (Monday – Friday) portion of a week.

To understand if a refund will be due, and if so, to anticipate the amount of that refund, see the chart below. Note that upon receipt of the Withdrawal Form, K12 Program staff will calculate the amount due and notify schools of the amount to refund.

Weeks attended

2 weeks or less = 100% to return

3 weeks = 90% to return

4 weeks = 80% to return

5 weeks = 70% to return

6 weeks = 60% to return

7 weeks = 50% to return

More than 7 weeks = 0% to return

Under what circumstances is a school required to submit the Withdrawal Form?

When a school has previously certified that a student is enrolled in the school, the school must submit the Withdrawal Form if the student does not in fact enroll, or if the student withdraws; whether or not payment has disbursed to the school.

A school does not need to submit a Withdrawal Form if:

  • the school has certified the student as Not Enrolled.
  • the student completes the school year but plans to attend another school the following school year.What about a student who stops attending school but is not officially withdrawn?After 10 consecutive school days where a student has not attended school, and where the school is unable to communicate with the parent, the school should assume the student has withdrawn and notify the K12 Programs at SEAA. The withdrawal date is the last day the student attended classes or submitted work to the teacher.

What are the deadlines for schools regarding this withdrawal policy?

  • The school must notify the K12 Programs, via electronic upload of the Withdrawal Form to MyPortal, within 10 school days (two weeks) of the student’s withdrawal date.
  • The school must return funds to the Authority, if necessary, via check, within 30 calendar days (one month) of the student’s withdrawal date. Note the process below.Can a school transfer funds from a withdrawn student to another student?No. Funds must be returned to the K12 Programs within 30 days (one month) of the student’s withdrawal date.

What are the consequences of failing to comply with this policy?

Any school that fails to comply with this policy may lose eligibility to participate in the K12 Programs for all its students. SEAA will use all available State resources to recover any funds that a school owes to the K12 Programs, including referral to the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office for collection, and referral to external collection agencies.

What is the process to notify the K12 Program of a withdrawal?

  1. Complete a K12 Program Withdrawal Form for each student. Complete one form per student even if the student receives funds from more than one K12 Program.
  2. Email K12 Program staff to request an upload link in MyPortal.
  3. Upload the Withdrawal Form(s) for the withdrawn student(s).
  4. K12 Program staff will calculate a refund, if one is due, and notify the school official via email.

K12 Program staff may request the student’s attendance record in cases where a discrepancy occurs. Keep the attendance record unless or until it is requested.

Then, if a refund is due:

5. Make the check payable to the State Education Assistance Authority.
6. Mail a paper copy of the Withdrawal Form, or print the email from K12 Programs, with the check, to:

State Education Assistance Authority K12 Programs – ROF
P.O. Box 41046
Raleigh, NC 27629

Notes regarding the Return of Funds:

  • Wait to receive confirmation of the amount due from K12 Program staff.
  • The school will return funds to the K12 Programs, and not to the parent. For ESA students, the school willnot return funds to ClassWallet.
  • Opportunity and Disabilities funds may be returned via one check.
  • ESA funds must be returned separately, via a separate check.
  • You will not be asked to return cents; the refund amount will be rounded up, to the nearest dollar.


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