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State-Funded Loans

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Forgivable Education Loans

Forgivable education loans are offered by the State of North Carolina and can be “forgiven” by working in an approved professional position. If you do not quality for loan forgiveness (you did not graduate from the program on the degree level for which you received financial assistance, or you do not work in a qualifying position in the State of North Carolina) you must repay the loan in cash.

National Board Certification Loans

National Board Certification Loans help eligible teachers pay the assessment fee for National Board Certification. These are non-forgivable loans that must be repaid in cash.

Choose your loan from the list below to learn more about repayment options:

Current Forgivable Loan Programs

Forgivable Education Loans for Service (FELS)

Principal Fellows Program (PFP)

Teaching Fellows Program (awards beginning in 2017)

Earlier Forgivable Loan Programs

Teaching Fellows Program (awards before July 1, 2015)

Health, Science and Mathematics Student Loan Program (HSM)


Board of Governors’ Dental Scholarship Loan Program (BGDSL)

Board of Governors’ Medical Scholarship Loan Program (BGMSL)

Optometry Scholarship Loan Program (OSL)


Nurse Education Scholarship Loan Program (NESLP)

Nurse Educators of Tomorrow Program (NET)

Nurse Scholars Program (NSP/MNSP)


Future Teachers of North Carolina (FTNC)

Millennium Teacher Scholarship Loan Program (MTSLP)

Physical Education-Coaching Scholarship Loan Program (PEC)

Prospective Teachers Scholarship Loan Program (PTSL)

National Board Certification Loans

National Board Certification Loan (NBCL)

Renew Forgivable Loans

Eligible students interested in renewing their loan funding for additional years of study for current forgivable loan programs should visit the SEAA Student Portal.