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Curriculum – Test

What Are Curricula? 

Curricula and Curriculum materials are learning resources used to teach a particular subject. These are things such as lesson plans, learning kits, or workbooks that supplement an academic subject. Curricula (including online curricula) must meet the following requirements to purchase with ESA+ funds: 


Grade appropriate

Curricula should be within three grades levels (higher or lower) of the student’s current grade level. For example, if a child is in third grade, items for ninth grade would not be approved.

We understand that some students may not be learning at their grade level. If this is the case, families should include a comment when they submit a purchase in ClassWallet.  


Supports an academic program

Items must clearly support one of the following academic subjects:

  • math
  • science
  • English/language arts
  • social studies
  • foreign languages


Can I Purchase Anything Listed on the Marketplace? 

The ClassWallet Marketplace is used by ESA+ programs nationwide so there are numerous sellers and products listed. It is the family’s responsibility to make sure that what they want to purchase with ESA+ funds is allowed by their state’s program rules 




Not allowed: Separate purchases of plants, flower seeds, a kitchen scale, and rubber gloves. These would be rejected because they are considered “household items” 

Allowed: A purchase of a learning kit that contains these items would be approved, because it clearly supports a lesson about science. 


Not allowed: A purchase of a pack of printer paper would be rejected because it is considered “consumable educational supplies. 

Allowed: Printer paper that is included with a workbook about multiplication. 


Not allowed: A pack of toothbrushes would be rejected because toothbrushes would be considered “household items.” 

Allowed: An oral hygiene model of teeth that includes an oversized toothbrush to use for a lesson on student health.  


Consult the list of Allowable Expenses to make sure a purchase is covered. If you are still unsure, check with ESA+ program staff.  

Shopping on the Marketplace

When shopping the Marketplace, it is the family’s responsibility to make sure that the item or service they want to purchase with ESA+ funds is allowed by program rules.