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Educational Technology


Allowed Educational Technology

*Not an exhaustive list

Category 1: Vision  

Description: Products designed to assist with vision

  1. Magnifiers including CCTV systems
  2. Talking scales
  3. Screen readers
  4. Screen magnifiers
  5. Braille displays

Category 2: Hearing

Description: Products designed to assist with hearing.

  1. Personal amplification systems (PocketTalkerPro)
  2. Personal amplification systems – wireless (FM)
  3. Group Assistive Listening Systems

Category 3: Speech Communication

Description: Products designed to assist with speaking and face-to-face communication for individuals with speech disabilities.

  1. Speech generating devices
  2. Communication boards/books
  3. Software with speech output
  4. Devices that produce text but not voice output for face-to-face communication (e.g., Crespeaker)
  5. Voice clarifiers
  6. Voice amplifiers
  7. Stuttering aids

Category 4: Learning, Cognition, and Developmental

Description: Products to provide people with disabilities access to educational materials and instruction; products that assist with learning and cognition.

  1. Calculators
  2. Clocks/timers/wake-up systems
  3. General personal organization
  4. Memory aids
  5. Money management
  6. Notetaking/Recording devices
  7. Electronic organizers/personal digital assistants

Category 5: Computers and Related

Description: Hardware and software products

  1. Desktop or laptop computer
  2. Tablet (e.g., iPad)
  3. Interactive whiteboard (e.g., Promethean*)
  4. Educational software or Apps
  5. Computer accessories that enable people with disabilities to access, interact with, and use computers (includes modified or alternate keyboards, switches activated by pressure, touch screens, special software, voice to text software)

Category 6: Miscellaneous

  • Service plan/warranty for technology (at the time of purchase)
  • Sales tax

Limited Allowability

 Headphones and Headsets

Headphones are excluded unless specific to assistive technology as defined above (Hearing). These products that qualify as specific to assistive technology may be approved for use with hearing aids like Sennheiser or Momentum.

Allowable headsets include those approved for special voice recognition, such as to use with Dragon (voice to text) software.

Excluded headsets include noise canceling headsets, airbuds, and airpods

Computer Accessories

Accessories for a computer should be purchased at the same time as the allowable device (once every three years).

Allowable accessories include: wireless keyboard or mouse, printer, cables, a case (for an iPad, for example), a carrying case for a laptop, or external speakers.

Please note that educational technology items do not have to be purchased from the same brand or company.

Repeat Purchases/Items Over $600

ESA+ funds cannot be used for the same category of item within three school years, or for any item over $600.

  • For example, a tablet purchased in 2022-2023 (fall or spring) cannot be purchased again until the 2025-2026 school year.
  • Note that a tablet / iPad is one category of computer. A laptop / desktop is a different category.

Not Allowed

*Not an exhaustive list
Excluded Educational Technology 


*Note that for Promethean-type products, the mounting hardware costs are allowable, but a fee for the service of mounting is not allowable.