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Register a Provider


Registration Process to Become a Provider


The Education Student Accounts Program (ESA+) registers providers to receive direct electronic payments from families for allowable expenses. This process is for individuals or facilities that provide tutoring or teaching services and educational therapies (service providers) and companies that sell curriculum (product providers). North Carolina law requires that providers paid with ESA+ funds be qualified.

This process is not for schools.

If you are looking for a list of registered providers, please visit our Provider Search page.


Step 1: Submit Provider Registration Request and Create Account

Visit the Provider Portal to register as a provider (for the purposes of this process, a provider may be referred to as a vendor).

Step 2: Submit Required Documents

Once you have created your provider account you will be asked to submit the required documents listed below.

  • ESA+ Facility or Individual Provider Agreement (available through the Provider Portal)
  • Provider Credentials

Accepted Provider Credentials

If your professional field requires that providers be licensed in the State of North Carolina:

Your qualification is a copy of that license.

If your professional field does not require that providers be licensed by the State of North Carolina, but you are licensed through another governing body or organization:

Your qualification is a copy of that license.

If your professional field does not require that providers be licensed (for example, if you are a tutor) upload documentation of your credentials:

For tutors, this would be a copy of a teaching license (in North Carolina if available) or a copy of a degree or transcript.


*New* Options for Companies


Companies that plan to register three or fewer people

Companies that plan to register three or fewer service providers should not sign the facility agreement. Instead, they will sign the individual provider agreement (one per company) and must submit credentials for each person.

Companies that plan to register more than three people

Tutoring/educational services companies and educational therapy practices that plan to register more than three individuals as service providers for the ESA+ program will sign the Program Facility Provider Participation Agreement.

  • By signing this agreement, the facility warrants that their teachers, tutors, and /or practitioners each hold acceptable professional credentials, which are on file at the company. Additionally, the facility agrees to submit provider credentials to the SEAA for each individual provider upon request.

Companies that sell curriculum (product providers)

Companies that sell curriculum may register with ESA+ so that families may purchase curriculum via their ClassWallet ESA+ account. These product providers will sign a product provider agreement and submit a copy of their business license.



The registration review process may take several weeks once all documents are received.  However, once registered and accepted you will not need to complete the process again for additional students.


Payment Process

ClassWallet provides the electronic account and payment processing on behalf of the ESA+ Program.  After the ESA+ Program has documented compliance with the North Carolina law governing the program, ClassWallet will contact the provider to establish an electronic payment account. This is the only way to receive ESA+ funds.

ESA+ Credit Card Fees

The ESA+ debit account structure includes a 2.5% transaction fee, similar to the fees for payments made by any credit card. Schools and providers may not charge this fee to the ESA+ family, unless they have a documented policy in place for charging all customers for fees on payments made by credit card.

  • A school or provider that does not charge credit card fees may not pass ClassWallet transaction fees on to ESA+ families.
  • Providers can pass this fee along to ESA+ parents (who can pay it with ESA+ funds) if non-ESA+ parents are charged similarly. The transaction fee needs to be a line item on the invoice parents submit to substantiate their use of ESA+ funds.
  • ESA+ parents should not proactively add the transaction fee when requesting payment through their debit account.

What Happens Next?

After ESA+ staff accept a provider, the information will be sent to ClassWallet, who will contact the provider with onboarding information.  It is not necessary for registered and accepted providers to initiate contact with ClassWallet.


Additional Questions?

1-855-330-3955 (K12 Program staff toll-free)