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Link to MyPortal

MyPortal Guide for Parents (PDF, 9 pages, 2 MB)

Program Eligibility Requirements (PDF, 1 page, 158 KB)

4 Year Olds: Eligibility (PDF, 2 pages, 145 KB)

How to Transfer Schools (PDF, 1 page)

Change of Parent Form (PDF, 1 page, 604 KB)

How to Upload Documents in MyPortal (PDF, 4 pages, 257 KB)

Opportunity Scholarship

Income Calculator (PDF, 8 pages, 351 KB)

Household Eligibility Guidelines 2024-2025

Income Verification Worksheet Guide (PDF, 1 page. 207 KB)

Renewal vs. New Student: What’s the Difference?  (PDF, 1 page, 101KB)



Choosing a School

Documentation of a Disability

School Choice Deadlines

Allowable Expenses

ESA+ Invoice Documentation

Misuse of State Funds Policy

Tax Implications

Continuing Eligibility Form

Educational Technology Guidelines

Parent Agreement 2024-25

LEA Release

Webinars for Families

Renewal vs. New Student: What’s the Difference (ESA+)?


How to Accept or Decline a Scholarship Award


Getting Started With MyPortal


Required Documentation of a Disability

Income Verification