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Payment Process – Test


The ClassWallet Platform



ClassWallet is an online platform that hosts the electronic debit account and payment processing for the ESA+ Program. Families use ClassWallet to:

For information on how school tuition and fees are paid, see School Choice.


Who Uses ClassWallet?

  • Families with ESA+ funds remaining after tuition is paid to their school
  • Homeschool families
  • Dual award families (Opportunity Scholarship and ESA+)
  • Families who attend schools that do not receive funds directly (ESA+ Reimbursement Schools)


How to Purchase Products on ClassWallet

  • 1. Families sign into their ClassWallet account and shop from a list of authorized vendors.

  • 2. Online orders are sent to the ESA+ program for approval.

  • 3. Once the purchase is approved, the cost of the product and any shipping charges are deducted from the family’s ESA+ funds and the products ship to the family’s home address


    The ClassWallet Marketplace is used by ESA+ programs nationwide so there are numerous sellers and products listed. It is the family’s responsibility to make sure that what they want to purchase with ESA+ funds is allowed by their state’s program rules 

    For More Information:

    Webinar: Qualified Expenses and Shopping on ClassWallet

    How to use ClassWallet: