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Tutoring – Test

Tutors must be registered and approved by SEAA to participate in the ESA+ program. Tutoring services must be related to one of the following academic subjects: math, science, English/language arts, social studies, or foreign languages.

How Do I Find an Approved Tutor?

Families can search for approved tutors on SEAA’s Search for a Provider portal or the ClassWallet website.


SEAA Search for a Provider Portal

Enter the search term “tutoring” to see a list of statewide authorized tutors. Providers who wish to register with the program should visit the Register a Provider portal.



ClassWallet Website

ESA+ recently added online tutoring options to the ClassWallet Marketplace. Families can access one-on-one private online tutoring for ESA+ students from two providers: Outschool and Varsity Tutors.






Does your school offer tutoring? Direct Payment schools do not have to register as providers in order for parents to use their wallet funds to pay for tutoring there.