Opportunity Scholarship Program

                     The Opportunity Scholarship Program is a new program created by the North Carolina General Assembly for certain students attending a nonpublic school. The studentís 2013 household income must meet the program guidelines. The first year of the program is different from subsequent years. Please see the Program Overview below for details about the eligibility criteria for the first and subsequent years.

The lottery to determine who would receive the Opportunity Scholarships was held on June 24, 2014 and the results are posted to the applicantís Opportunity Scholarship portal. Each applicant was provided with credentials by letter and email to log in to the portal. If a parent submitted an application for more than one child, the parentís name was entered once in the lottery; if selected, all eligible children included on the parentís application will receive a scholarship.

The Opportunity Scholarship Portal

To log into the portal, you need the following information: your zip code, the studentís date of birth, and the studentís Opportunity Scholarship Program ID number. The link to the portal is: https://www2.ncseaa.edu/studentportal/OSP_Login.aspx

Opportunity Scholarship Program Staff
Updated 6/26/2014

Program Overview

Opportunity Scholarship Program Timeline - Updated June 20

Current List of Nonpublic Schools

Household Income Worksheet

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Opportunity Scholarship FAQ

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Opportunity Scholarship Applicants by County

Contact Information:

Phone: 1-855-330-3955 (toll-free)

Email: OpportunityScholarships@ncseaa.edu

Fax: 919-248-4687